The North Pole

Back by popular preschool demand is the Polar Express Soundtrack. Yes, I realize it is only September, but the music really is amazing anytime of the year. This week we will learn all about different types of poles…Sailing Poles, Telephone Poles, See you at the (Flag) Pole, Fishing Poles, and the North Pole! On Friday September 26th, your preschooler is encouraged to wear his or her favorite pajamas and get ready for a day of trains, Reindeer, music, dancing, and hot chocolate!

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Howdy Y’all

This past week has been all about the Wild West and Cowboys/Cowgirls! Between painting desert sunsets with water colors, constructing a huge cactus with prickly needles, and making rattle snakes we had to save time for the most popular activities which included horse shoes,  “pigs in the mud” and “milking the cow”. On Friday afternoon, we ended our week with a special cowboy food snack- baked beans and hot dogs!

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Football Day!

Friday September 12th
Wear your brown and orange or black and yellow
to support your team… or any other football team you hold dear! This Friday we will have a football themed day baking mini pizzas, making team bracelets, and playing games. Dress in your favorite team colors to add to the fun!

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Polar Express Train Tickets Now Available…

For those of  you interested on taking your child on the “Polar Express Train ” this fall, tickets are now available for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. This attraction is so popular that you must enter a lottery to get tickets! The deadline for the lottery is this Friday, September 15th. I’ve heard wonderful reviews of this experience and can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to enjoy the ride…

link to website

link to pdf lottery form

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Wish list…

Thank you for your support. Here you will find a wish list of items we could use in our classroom throughout the school year. Most of these can be picked out at the dollar store or while grocery shopping.

  • corn starch
  • salt
  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • food coloring
  • pasta noodles(fun shapes)
  • paper plates (the inexpensive variety/small and large)
  • dry erase markers
  • glycerin ( for bubble making)
  • cotton balls
  • glue sticks
  • potting soil
  • liquid starch
  • shoe laces
  • chalk
  • play sand
  • sand box toys
  • jump ropes
  • brown paper grocery bags
  • non-stick toaster oven size baking pans( Wilton brand is excellent)
  • small seasonal cookie cutters (these are great for toaster oven)
  • orange sports cones
  • soccer balls ( size 3 is preferred for this age group, though any would be great, new or used- I found one at the thrift store last week for a dollar!)
  • bird feeder
  • bird seed
  • a timer for cooking

Be on the look out for the following items…you may find them at a garage sale,  a thrift store, or maybe a friend or neighbor may be ready to toss ’em. Perhaps you even have one of these items in your own basement or attic that you are not using.

  • bathroom scale
  • blender (used for arts & crafts/new for cooking)
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • computer
  • gardening gloves/tools
  • overhead projector
  • telephone (house or cell phones)
  • old x rays of bones or teeth
  • old water pump for a fish tank or small fountain
  • blue prints
  • binoculars

Thank you again for all you do!

-♥- Ms. Iva

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First Day! New Schedule…

It’ s Tuesday after Labor Day and we are now officially in our new classroom! The children seem to be transitioning well and are enjoying the new room as well as being at the “big kid” end of the hall. Our daily schedule looks like this…

before 8:30 am- choice time in room #205

8:30-9amArrival -Ms. Iva arrives and class moves to room #204; snack/ breakfast, restrooms

9-9:15am- Group meeting– talk about the day’s activities, choices for the morning, read a book

9:15-10:30amChoice time/ small groups- children may choose to participate in a variety of activities or to work in a center ( during this time art, baking, dramatic play, exercise, etc.)

10:30-10:40- Group time– transition to outdoor play

10:40-11:40am – Outdoor choice time– games, outdoor prop baskets, and choice time outside

11:40-11:50am- Story time/ Scripture for the day

11:50am-12:30pmLunch– Children wash and set tables for lunch, eat, cleanup after lunch, restrooms, go to nap room

12:30-2:30pm Pre-k nap room w/ Ms. Rossane

*12:15-12:45pm  Kindergarten class arrives/ Lunch

*12:45-1pm- Group meeting– talk about the day’s activities, choices for the afternoon, read a book, scripture for the day

*1-2:15pmChoice time/ small groups- children may choose to participate in a variety of activities or to work in a center ( during this time art, baking, dramatic play, exercise, etc.)

*2:15-2:30 Group time– transition to outdoor play

*2:30-3:45 -Outdoor choice time– games, outdoor prop baskets, and choice time outside (snack served in the cafeteria as school age children arrive)

2:30 Pre-K Class transitions back from nap room

2:45-3:15 restroom, snack, choice time

3:15-3:30 Group meeting

3:30- home- Outdoor choice time

* denotes Kindergarten class only, Pre-k class is napping

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Candidate Forum September 4th

Thursday, September 4th-6:30pm
Youngstown sate University, Chesnut Room

As a parent of a young child it is very important that you attend this upcoming groundWorks Candidate Forum. While new brain research shows your child’s brain grows dramatically from birth to age five, and they are learning more now than any other time in their lives, government funding does not adequately support Early Childhood Education programs.

As both a parent of a young child and a professional in the field of Early Childhood Education it is of great concern to me that all of Ohio’s children have access to developmentally appropriate programs. While funding has been increased for at-risk and low income populations, our children are left standing in the gap.

It is proven that lower staff to child ratios are preferred and to achieve optimal ratios, there must be additional funding.

Your child’s Early Care program is laying the foundation for a lifetime of education. Because of the low salaries offered in the field of Early Childhood many degreed teachers move on to other positions. Paying off student loans and continuing to eat is not possible on a salary 50% above the federal  poverty level guidelines.

You may be asking, what can I do? You can attend this upcoming forum to communicate to our legislators that the education of your child is important and that you support their Early Care programs and teachers. Thank you for all you do.

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BDC Important Dates Fall 2008

Monday, September 1st- Day Care Closed- Labor Day

Friday, October 31st- Harvest Party- 3:00 to 4:30pm

Thursday, November 27th- Day Care closed -Thanksgiving

Friday, December 19th- Christmas Party 3-4:30pm

Thursday, December 25th- Day Care Closed- Christmas Day

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The Five Love Languages of Children

You may have heard of the Five Love Languages…Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, and Acts of Service. Which love language do you most respond to? Author Gary Chapman has written several books on this topic from various perspectives for singles, couples, and…children! Often times we communicate love in the ways we desire to recieve it rather than in the ways that make those around us feel most loved. This book will help you to identify your child’s primary love language while giving you practical suggestions on how to meet that need. I know you love your kids, so let’s partner this year in learning how to love them in a deeper way.

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